Fringe Gets Renewed For Season 5

That news was music to my ears.  There is much more to Fringe’s story yet and I am so glad that Fox renewed this for season 5 which will be it’s final season.

I got this news from Twitter last night right before dinner and I was jumping up and down like a little kid.

Thanks to Sass and @cortexifans for their wonderful support of this series.



Hello Fringe World

I wasn’t going to create a blog for Fringe which is one of my favorite TV series and has been since the pilot episode, but here I am again and I am so happy that Fringe has been renewed for another season.  We got word last night and I was jumping up and down like a little kid so I decided to create a blog just for Fringe.

There is still a lot of story telling to be done and I know these last two episodes of this season are going to be remarkable as will season 5 be.  At least Fox has given this series a chance to give this awesome series a proper send off as it deserves.

So I will be posting a lot on this blog about this remarkable series and a big thank you to Fox for renewing Fringe for season 5.