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Fringe–Comic Con 2012 Panel

This video is 55 minutes long but worth the watch.  Sit back and enjoy this.  Thanks to Sass for the link.


Fringe Goodbye At Comic Con

After the 13 episode season 5 starting in September, Fringe will be ending.  I am upset about this and I guess a part of me is hoping for a miracle.  A miracle in the form of a full season 5.  Please, if you are a fan of Fringe, tune in this September and show Fox that we really do love this series and all the characters.

Here is an article from TV Fanatic about the emotional goodbye at this year’s Comic Con.



Fringe Cast Says Goodbye at Comic-Con

July 15th, 2012 7:11 PM by 


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The tears flowed more than the spoilers this afternoon inside Hall H at Comic-Con, as Fringe cast and crew members reminisced about their beloved series and said goodbye to an auditorium full of passionate fans.

Jackson at CC

Anna Torv and Lance Reddick got the waterworks started when asked about their most memorable Astrid episode… while Jasika Nicole then did the same to her co-star by gushing over the scene in which Olivia pulls clothes out of dryer after she realizes Bolivia had taken over her life.

In less emotional, more Fringe Season 5-based news:

  • Henry Ian Cusick might still return as Simon Foster.
  • The cast has not started filming yet, but actually took time to film scenes for a trailer (BELOW) that feature many sentimental moments between Peter and Olivia.
  • Will these two get a happy ending? Joshua Jackson would only say “I think that [they] will get the final chapter of their story.”
  • The fifth season “will pick up exactly where we left off in 419, the next day” in the year 2036, said producer Joel Wyman.
  • Why have there been no female Observers? Replied Wyman: “The answer to your question will become apparent this year.” A book chronicling the Observes will also be available in September.

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