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Fringe–Season 4 Finale “Brave New World” Part 2

Boy oh boy, there was so much going on with this season finale that my head was literally spinning.  I didn’t move a muscle while it was on.  A rundown on what happened and some OMG moments.

1.  The woman who seemed to have been in trouble and may die in the first part of this episode was evil and apparently working for Bell.

2.  Astrid is alive!!!  Having only sustained a gunshot wound she was just fine.

3.  Evil woman, Jessica, has caught September, our friendly Observer to lure Olivia and Peter.

4.  Ha, Jessica, you can’t pull the wool over Peter, Olivia and September’s eyes.  Olivia uses her special abilities and zap, Jessica is dead.

5.  September vanishes but not before he leaves Olivia with a glimmer of hope about her survival.

6.  Bell has Walter and shows him what his brave new world will look like and how much he wants Walter to join him.

7.  Walter has dead Jessica taken back to the lab where Nina comes and jolts Jessica back to life for just a moment so she can tell them where Walter is.  Creepy moment.

8.  Peter and Olivia find Walter and Bell but in a wild twist that I did not see coming, Walter shoots Olivia right in the head and kills her thus foiling Bell’s plan.  First OMG moment for me.  Pissed Bell vanishes.

9.  Peter and Walter rush to bring Olivia back from the dead before it’s too late.  You got to love Cortexifan.  They succeed.

10.  At the hospital, Olivia tells Peter she is fine but she is pregnant.  Second OMG moment.

11.  Walter goes back to the lab happy ad makes himself a toasted P&J sandwich.  September appears before him and warns him that “They Are Coming”.  Who they are I have no clue.

Phenomenal season finale and I am so thrilled Fringe will be back for another season, although it will be their final season. Sniff, sniff.

A slideshow I made from the screen caps I made from this episode.

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Fringe “Brave New World” Part 1

Well, I was hysterical last night when I saw Astrid getting shot.  I did not even see that coming.  Fringe has always been good at blindsiding me with surprises or in this case SHOCK.

So William Bell is alive and well and just plain old nasty and rotten.  One good thing came out of that–David Robert Jones finally bit the dust–literally.  He was the chess pawn that Bell was talking about earlier in the episode.  Good riddance once and for all.

Boy did Olivia kick some major ass on the roof top while saving Peter.  I wouldn’t mess with her.

The conclusion and season finale of this 2 part episode looks amazing and I have no earthly idea what is going to happen.  That’s just fine with me.  I would rather be surprised and not spoiled with this series.  Too much great stuff going on.

I would so love for Fringe to be finally recognized for it’s fantastic writing and acting by the Academy of TV and get nominated for an Emmy.  It will be a well deserved nomination.

Here is a slideshow from my screen caps that I made.  Enjoy!


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Fringe–“A Brave new World” Part 1

I am sitting here crying like a baby.  Please don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled.




Astrid got shot.  OMG, I was blindsided by that.  She cannot die.


The only good thing was that David Robert Jones finally died.  He was the pawn. HA!  That serves you right you sick bastard.  Bell has gone crazy.  I want Walter to take him out.  Who knows what will happen next week in the season finale.

Here is a promo for the season finale.

Fringe–Another Promo

I am starting to get either real giddy or loosing my mind because I have this awful sense of dread.

I just cannot get out of my head what that Observer told Olivia and it’s not good.

If I watch any more promos from Fringe or Grey’s Anatomy tonight, I want somebody to shoot me.


Thanks again to Sass for the link.