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Fox Gives Fringe Fifth And Final Season

Here is an excellent article about Fringe and it’s final season.

Fox Gives ‘Fringe’ (and Fans) 13 More Episodes – Plus a Trailer For Season 5

By : April 27, 2012

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Never underestimate the power of the internet or an avalanche of Red Vines. Fox gave Fringe fans something to cheer about on perhaps the best “Fringe Friday” of the fourth season because they now know that the J.J. Abrams’ sci-fi series is being renewed for one more season. The universe-bending drama will have 13 episodes to wrap up all of its plot-lines this fall and expectations will be sky high for a memorable finish.

Loyal fans have stuck through a move to friday nights, threats of cancellation and low ratings. Despite all of that it’s hard to argue with the high quality at which showrunners/executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman and crew have put forth the last two seasons and fearlessness in staying the course and telling the story they originally intended to tell. Well they can scrap that Season 4 finale that was reserved in the special case for cancellation for the blu-ray box set.

You may recall that Fox president of entertainment, Kevin Reilly said back TCA’s after the new year that he didn’t know what the future held for the show because it was losing the network money. And that he didn’t want to deal with another campaign from fans pleading for another season (of which included many, many packs of Red Vines candy delivered to Reilly’s office). In an official statement, he Reilly had this to say about the renewal.

“Fringe is a remarkably creative series that has set the bar as one of television’s most imaginative dramas. Bringing it back for a final 13 allows us to provide the climactic conclusion that its passionate and loyal fans deserve. The amazing work the producers, writers and the incredibly talented cast and crew have delivered the last four seasons has literally been out of this world. Although the end is bittersweet, it’s going to be a very exciting final chapter.”

What could possibly be in store for season 5? Hopefully you saw episode 419 “Letters of Transit” which gave us a peek into the year 2036 when the Fringe Division is in a war with the Observers who have all but taken over the world. Freed from the amber prison by Olivia’s daughter, Walter, Peter and Astrid embark on a final confrontation against the insidious force that has been plotting against them from the beginning. Odds are that we’ll be seeing more of that future setting and the events that lead to it and come after that glimpse into the future. Oh and then there’s this trailer that was prepped just in case we’d get this good news:

In the day and age when people question the worth of social networking and online petitions–especially for a niche science fiction show airing on Fox on Friday nights–the never-say-die attitude of Fringe, made strong by its audience, actors, and the people who crafted these highly imaginative and well-written stories, rang true and legitimized the online campaigns. The community rallied to watch live or watch it on their DVRs within a 48-hour period consistent enough to make a difference. That’s pretty cool and when something truly deserves it, as Fringe most certainly does, it does make you believe that networks do listen.






Fringe Episode 4×20 “Worlds Apart”

With receiving the great news that Fox has renewed Fringe, I was so anxious and excited about last night’s episode “Worlds Apart” and it was all worth the wait and anxiety.


The scene with Walter and Walternate on the bridge talking was just heartbreaking.  John Noble realy really deserves and Emmy nomination for that wonderful performance.


Sadly, we had to say goodbye to the Alt Universe characters and our own Lincoln Lee who decided to stay in the Alt Universe.  In a way to stop Jones and the crazy, insane plan of his was to close the bridge to our world and the Alt Universe.  I have come to like the Alt Universe and those who were from there especially Alt Olivia.  She opened up to our Olivia about things and one of the most poignant things she said to our Olivia was that she missed looking up to the sky after it had rained to see a rainbow.  Our Olivia while saying goodbye to her told her never stop looking up.  Yes, the tears were flowing last night.


I am praying that Walter finds a way to stop Jones from his goal of collapsing both universes for his own sick, insane plan of creating another universe.  Who is behind Jones in all of this?  One of my Fringe group members, Judi, suggested that it could be William Bell.  Now that would certainly put a twist on things and pit Walter against Bell.  Good call Judi and I will be interested to see if you guessed right.

Here are the screen caps that I made from last night’s episode.


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Fringe Campaign On Twitter and Get Glue

This is quite a remarkable movement and thanks to all for joining in.



Fringe Twitter and GetGlue Campaign For 420,”Worlds Apart”-Worlds Apart

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Fringe Twitter and GetGlue Campaign For 420, “Worlds Apart”-Worlds Apart 
The last Fringe Twitter and GetGlue campaign, sponsored by Fringenuity on April 20th was quite successful.
Thanks to Fox Broadcasting’s help, the entire episode aired with the Fringenuity hash tag “FightTheFuture” on the screen instead of #Fringe, for the fifth time in the show’s history!

The group, Fringenuity, hosts the Friday night Twitter/GetGlue campaigns.
Fringe Television is proud to support Fringenuity’s efforts to promote “Fringe” in as many social media venues as possible, and asks for your help.

**SEASON 5 UPDATE:As of this evening, FOX has officially picked up Fringe for a fifth season composed of 13 episodes!**

Tomorrow night we want to continue our social media domination and thank FOX, the show’s sponsors, the executive producers, cast, and crew by trying to get the hash tag #WorldsApart to trend on Twitter starting at 8PM Eastern.
That’s 1 hour before the new episode airs, and then again at 8PM Pacific time.

Why keep tweeting? Because we know that ratings isn’t just about Nielsen boxes anymore. TV networks and their contractors pay attention to which TV shows are ‘socially-active’ and our show Fringe is very socially-active on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other venues.

Why continue this effort? Last Friday’s event catapaulted Fringe in multiple social media platforms, and we would like to keep Fringe visible in these platforms in the weeks and months ahead.

Please consider joining in tomorrow night at 8PM Eastern and 8PM Pacific to support your favorite show by signing into Twitter and using the #WorldsApart hash tag.

If you are not familiar with Twitter, you can create an new account rather painlessly at

For more information on this week’s special Fringe Twitter event visit the Fringenuity website here.

You can also adopt a special icon from 69 different designs(!), and/or 3 lovely banners for this event by clicking here or here.

An important reminder: Please do not tweet with the #WorldsApart hash tag until 8PM Eastern, to increase the likelihood of trending! And volume helps, so tweet slowly, and tweet often after the start time Friday night! Also, retweet tweets that you like, that have the # hash tag.

Let’s dominate Twitter Friday night, and make our hash tag and our show trend worldwide! Again!

***ButWait! There’s more!***

Another social network platform that needs our attention on Friday nights is
If you are not familiar with it is a very clever advertising site married to social networking.
GetGlue merges fans with their interests, and their interests’ sponsors.

If you have a GetGlue account you can “check-in” to Fringe. The shows that get the most check-ins are highly visible to the networks and the show’s sponsors.

It is recommended you start checking into GetGlue closer to the start time of Fringe to increase the chance of trending there. For the last several Friday nights we made Fringe the #1 checked in show on GetGlue!

Fringenuity is asking that this Friday, your first check-in to one of Fringe’s sponsors on GetGlue, ie. Nissan Leaf, and thank them for supporting Fringe. Think it doesn’t make a difference? Guess again.

For the last few weeks, due to our GetClue check-ins, the Nissan Leaf was one of the most checked-in sponsors on the site.

Let’s make it a combined effort to not only check-in to the show, but to also check-in to the show’s advertisers and comment, “Thank You for your support of Fringe! @FringeOnFox”

If you don’t have a GetGlue account, make one at
You can post your check-ins to Twitter and/or Facebook.

The more activity, the better, as this may also get other Fringies involved in the GetGlue check-ins.

GetGlue also has convenient mobile phone aps for iphone, Android, and Blackberry.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Please, enjoy the new episode tomorrow night, and support high visibility of your show by tweeting on Twitter with the special hash tag, and checking into Fringe at GetGlue and thanking at least 1 of Friday night’s many sponsors. Your efforts will not go unrewarded, and it is quite likely these actions helped us acquire a Season 5!

Fringedom, the time is now to thank FOX, the show’s sponsors, and everyone affiliated with Fringe by watching “Worlds Apart” LIVE tomorrow night, and joining in this Twitter/GetGlue event!

Fringe Gets Renewed For Season 5

That news was music to my ears.  There is much more to Fringe’s story yet and I am so glad that Fox renewed this for season 5 which will be it’s final season.

I got this news from Twitter last night right before dinner and I was jumping up and down like a little kid.

Thanks to Sass and @cortexifans for their wonderful support of this series.


Hello Fringe World

I wasn’t going to create a blog for Fringe which is one of my favorite TV series and has been since the pilot episode, but here I am again and I am so happy that Fringe has been renewed for another season.  We got word last night and I was jumping up and down like a little kid so I decided to create a blog just for Fringe.

There is still a lot of story telling to be done and I know these last two episodes of this season are going to be remarkable as will season 5 be.  At least Fox has given this series a chance to give this awesome series a proper send off as it deserves.

So I will be posting a lot on this blog about this remarkable series and a big thank you to Fox for renewing Fringe for season 5.